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Woman Of The Earth

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Woman of the earth

She knows what is.

She knows the cycles of the planets,

The cycles of her body,

The cycles of her soul.

Woman of the earth,

Knows the shadow dance of life and death.

Of light and dark.

And when she speaks,

She speaks with a certainty that need not be challenged,

For when she speaks,

She speaks of absolute truths.

A woman of the earth

Knows of Love and pain

She knows compassion.

She is the total embodiment of grace, beauty and elegance,

And as gentle and atuned to the needs of the people around her,

As she is with a new born child,

And yet,

Grounded and solid,

And commands with a directness,

That would carve a mountain if that were her intention.

You can challenge a woman of the earth and she will smile at you un-wavered.

She need not prove herself.

She knows what she is.

She is a rose that has no thorns.

Her knowing is her protection.

For she is a woman of the earth.

She is in knowing.

She is in truth.

She is in love and wisdom.

She is a co-creator with the divine,

The expression and embodiment of joy,

Aligned with the flowing cycles of life.

And she knows.

She is,

A woman of the earth.

Aquila Scott

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