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Quantum Physics: A round peg in a square black hole.

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Quantum physics is our shinny new Prince. Born of Physics and ruler of our 2nd world view. He was spawned from his fathers head or was it from his loins? It was a bit hard to tell for Quantum Physics, like the Higgs boson he’d discovered, was a bit of a peculiar anomaly. Here one minute and then over there the next.

Keen to win his fathers approval, he began a loyal and devoted decent into the depths of the subatomic world: Seeker of the God particle.

He dove deep, but the deeper he dove the more obvious it became that he had issues. For it wasn’t long before he developed a very mild stutter, become mathematically tongue tied and his eyes became a little cockeyed. For when he tried to look forward one eye went left and the other one shot straight up to the right.

He holds no sceptre in his hand but his white knuckled, sweaty little palm, does clings tightly to his recent noble prize. As if one win absolves him of all his sins and warrants him worthy to succeed the throne. Not likely, when…

  • Most of his world view, still defies the “prove it to me rules” set forth by his father the King.

  • When everything in his quantum world, even ’t’ for time, has begun to blurrrr.

  • When math, his native tongue, reeks of philosophical, mystical gibberish. Like multi dimensions and mass less particles.



Or is it?

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