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Physics: Is his-story

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

"Beat the Drum. Get a grip. There is no Thunder God you pagan fools. I’ll prove to you what’s real and not,” the King of the first world said, shouting down loudly in mathematical tongues.

A language of absolute truths he called it. When one is always and only one and the only reality that exists is that which can be touched and seen and verified in a lab.

The physical world is Everything and Nothing is Nothing,” he then squawked from his high and mighty tower. He snatched the ruling sceptre from the Thunder Gods, claimed the throne and bopped us all on the head, deeming the world mechanical and predictable.

Being the kind of King he was, began inventing new rules & laws across the land. Like time and space and matter and closed looped methods and proofs and so on and so on.

As his grasp of the physical world took hold, he took hold of the physical world.

Little did his know, the most ironic twist of fate lay waiting. For his offspring, a quirky, erratic, unpredictable little fellow call Quantum Physics, began sending ripples of uncertainty though the lands.

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