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Nothing Is Everything: It's a paradox

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

And you thought you lived in one world with one reality you could trust. Based on verifiable facts and absolute truths. Who are you kidding?

Let’s be honest.

Deep down inside you know the truth. You know something is not, quite right. And you’d be right. For there is a deceptive ruse afoot. Fraught with ignorance, lies, delusions & illusions.

Twisted between the swirls of your DNA and reinforced by you, in your own head. There is a split. A fracture, a deep wound and a canker. For just below the imprint of our perverted and distorted world view, three worlds, not one, stand juxtaposed. Each vying for supremacy.

But who of the three shall be King, when the King is but a figment of our imagination? When evolution is demanding a revolution? When the destruction of life on planet earth has flipped from a science fiction fantasy to a toxic nonfiction horror. And what if, the only superhero who can save the world, the one who’s trapped in this sticky web of deception, is you?

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