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How Love Grows

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I was asleep.

Light was just a distant memory

Lost in the dust of time.

Dream walking,

I found my way to your front gate.

Was it you who called?

Echoes from another life

A thread perhaps

Still held tight.

Our destiny was written.

So subtle was your ethereal touch,

Like an elixir of the breath of life itself.

I was compelled

To stir

To wake

To breathe again.

You made me gasp that day in awe.

And in a daze,

I stood


And wondered.

You were bathed in such a light.

Diamond pores


I was but a shadow of a soul

An empty aching hollow

Nothing more.

You took me by the hand.

You led the way.

Like a beacon


To temple doors,

To healing hearts.

Ancient memories


Tears of return


I am soul

Light divine.

I am love

Fixed design.

Scared space of love and light

Bathed us in flaming rays of pink ‘n’ gold.

With words of power

We summoned

Beings of might.

With invocations and incantations

We were embraced.

Sing you heart, mind, body, soul.




To luminescent realms


We flew.

The path revealed

Stood clear.

So brave were we, to pull away.

Or arrogant

Or stupid.

Perhaps it was just time.

Into the arms of my dark knight

I fell.

And you,

A bobbin Robin’s embrace.

Our lives became a Dosey Doe.

Weaving in and out.

Bowing gestures, how do you do

Of course, my friend

I’ll lunch with you.

Rites of passage

Self-love shrouded

Lost in yearning

Programs played.

The void of illusion swallowed me whole

I flayed.

Tumbled in crashing waves

Dark nights

Inky black oceans

Cold seas


Between each grasping gulp for breath

Steady and true

Your light

Pierced through.

Star in the night.

Sticky mud

Clouded view


I cannot hear

I cannot see

Only your gentle touch

Kind words

Whispered northward home to me.

But then…

A cursed cloud engulfed the earth

Our waters filled with fear ‘n’ dread.

Run rabbit run



Down I go.

Black tar

In the mire

Shadow dancing

Heel ‘n’ toe,

Yet still...


Your friendship



Steady and true

Shone through.

Banished Myth.

Smoke 'n’ Shadows

Lies of who I thought I was

Arrow of truth


I found my boots.

They were there,

Where I left them,

Behind the door.

I donned them on.

I found a new Aquila hat.

And that was that.

So, it sat.

Mirror of my inner-self

Who are you

If I am me?

Mirror of my outer-self

If we are love

Then we are free.

And I am you

And you are me

So, let it be.

Aquila Scott

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