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The Quantum Leap Power Center


The Sleeper wakes

An adventure begins

And in the beginning

There was

A word

A blog

A center

A point

A power point

A power point in thought

Centered thought dawns

And then a leap

A quantum leap

A quantum leap in consciousness


The Holy Grail

The Holy Trinity

Three worlds unite

Physics: The world of form

Meta Physics: A world without form

Quantum Physics : The doorway

Riddle sovled

All is One

Or is it?

Let the adventure begin.

Nothing Is Everything
It's a paradox

And you thought you lived in one world with one reality you could trust. Based on verifiable facts and absolute truths. Who are you kidding?


Let’s be honest.


Deep down inside you know the truth. You know something is not, quite right. And you’d be right. For there is a deceptive ruse afoot. Fraught with ignorance, lies, delusions & illusions.


Twisted between the swirls of your DNA and reinforced by you, in your own head. There is a split. A fracture, a deep wound and a canker. For just below the imprint of our perverted and distorted world view, three worlds, not one, stand juxtaposed. Each vying for supremacy.


But who of the three shall be king, when the king is but a figment of our imagination? When evolution is demanding a revolution? When the destruction of life on planet earth has flipped from a science fiction fantasy to a toxic nonfiction horror. And what if, the only superhero who can save the world, the one who’s trapped in this sticky web of deception, is you?



The three heads of our three world views

Is History

A Square Peg In Black Hole

A Silent Partner

“Beat the Drum. Get a grip. There is no Thunder God you pagan fools. I’ll prove to you what’s real and not,” the king of the first world said, shouting down loudly in mathematical tongues. 


A language of absolute truths he called it. When one is always and only one and the only reality that exists is that which can be touched and seen and verified in a lab.


“The physical world is Everything and Nothing is Nothing,” he then squawked from his high and mighty tower. He snatched the ruling sceptre from the Thunder Gods, claimed the throne and bopped us all on the head, deeming the world mechanical and predictable.


Being the kind of king he was, he began inventing new rules & laws across the land. Like time and space and matter and closed looped methods and proofs and so on and so on.


As his grasp of the physical world took hold, he took hold of the physical world.


Little did his know, the most ironic twist of fate lay waiting. For his offspring, a quirky, erratic, unpredictable little fellow call Quantum Physics, began sending ripples of uncertainty though the lands. 

Quantum physics is our shinny new Prince. Born of Physics and ruler of our 2nd world view. He was spawned from his fathers head or was it from his loins? It was a bit hard to tell for Quantum Physics, like the Higgs boson he’d discovered, was a bit of a peculiar anomaly. Here one minute and then over there the next.


Keen to win his fathers approval, he began a loyal and devoted decent into the depths of the subatomic world: Seeker of the God particle.


He dove deep, but the deeper he dove the more obvious it became that he had issues. For it wasn’t long before he developed a very mild stutter, become mathematically tongue tied and his eyes became a little cockeyed. For when he tried to look forward one eye went left and the other one shot straight up to the right.


He holds no sceptre in his hand but his white knuckled, sweaty little palm, does clings tightly to his recent noble prize. As if one win absolves him of all his sins and warrants him worthy to succeed the throne. Not likely, when…


  • Most of his world view, still defies the “prove it to me rules” set forth by his father the king.

  • When everything in his quantum world, even ’t’ for time, has begun to blurrrr.

  • When math, his native tongue, now reeks of philosophical, mystical gibberish. Like multi dimensions and mass less particles.



Or is it?



Metaphysics, our High Priestess of the night wears a flowing crown of  black raven hair, studded with stars. To gaze into her alluring eyes is to fall right through her soul into the dark void of the great mystery it self and be left there.



Without foot

Without form


Her language is silence.  Translate by those who would dare, through symbolic sight, myth and metaphor. She is the dream and the dreamer. Enchanting, hypnotic, lyrical like a siren. Listen to her call and with an all encompassing love, she will lead you to crash and die against the cliffs of Sirenum Scopuli.


In her lily white hands she holds delicate shimmering threads. Elusive wisp's of the truths, of all of those in her keeping.




Glimpses of light


Impossible to hold

Impossible to grasp

Impossible to articulate 


Mortal speakers of her world, blunder and grapple. Stumble, distort, twist and turn to find the words. Words for the formless world of our third world view. It’s only the poets and artist who come close. All our other Noble Knights although hearts maybe true, intentions good and quest honourable, in spruiking, fall short. For to validate the elusive truths of the third world view, is too fabricate a sacred cow in the mortal world. 


Once bought and sold, followers tend to cling ever so tightly, with such conviction.

Sweet victims lost

Willingly die

For the cause


How tragic

How sad

C’est la vie.

The Quest

Head to head,

Father to son.

It was they that set the gauntlet run.


Curious, I thought I’d ask Yoda about the scientific quest for a mathematical equation of unification.


Yoda said,

“Essential element in the equation missing there is.

Elephant in the room the key it holds.”


The Blind men and the Elephant

What if

I could weave a spell?


Three into one

The one in three


One truth

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