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Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
Mastering yourself is true power.

                                        Lao Zu


The Quantum Leap Power Center

Blog Artist


So, who am I?


"Uuuugh!!!! Do I have to?"

Have you ever wondered why nobody likes being asked that question or is that just me?

For the most part, what I suspect that question is really asking is this.

Impress me if you can, so that I can figure out where to box you. From there I can decide whether or not you get my vote as a person that has any credibility.


Which is based on what?

Some preconceived superficial notion that's been calcified imprint thats hidden in the deep dark recesses of your subconscious as to what constitutes a worthwhile human being. I.e. money, fame, a hot car and outlandish wardrobe with the balls to wear it, bla, bla, bla.


It might sound cynical but there you have it. 


I’ve got a better idea.

Rather than me, listing my gender, race, age, eye colour, or any other superficial credentials I might have, including who I know, where and what I have studied, how many pieces of paper I have with my name, how fat my bank account is or how many like’s I have on my social media page. Instead, let’s be inspired by Socrates. 


“Speak, that I may see thee”


He didn’t say "show me your C.V." He didn't say "stand back and let me look at your choice of designer clothes." No, he said, "Speak". What he meant was - if you open your mouth, I’ll know pretty quickly whether you are full of B.S. or not.


So, here is my invitation to you.

Rather than box me in from the past (yours or mine), come to know me in the present. Find me here in my written word. Between these lines and in this blog site. Let me speak to you. To the inner you. To the one that is searching for truth. Let's keep it real. Be open. Listen to what I have to say with your  heart and your own inner ear. Let no externally imposed authority speak of my credibility or yours for that matter. This is between you and me.


From my soul to yours. 

If what I have to say resonates with you and has a positive impact on your life, fantastic, my actions here are not in vain. 

If however, you think what I have to say is total B.S. which of course may very well be, my suggestion to you dear friend is this.

Your time and your life is the most precious commodity you have.

Dont waste it.

Don't hesitate.

Press delete.

Do it NOW!

No Problem,

or don't and read on :-) either way, happy days.


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